Thursday, 8 September 2011

LiveTool, P2P experiment in Javascript

I have been working in the last month in a project called LiveTool which was an experiment of how it would be possible to use P2P communication in a Javascript application. The project in itself can be found on GitHub :

In brief, the project was a graphic editor that could be used by multiple people at the same time and people could see all the modification that where done as soon as they are made.

What where the obstacle ?

One of the main obstacle in starting this project was that RTMFP is not a well known technology and the documentation is very limited. In fact nearly everything you will found about it is made by Adobe. Also, the way RTMFP works in Actionscript is not very intuitive. Also when I wanted to start this project, I couldn't find any Javascript library that would allow me to use RTMFP without doing any Actionscript. This is the main reason I builded the RTMFP-JS library.

What about support for people that don't have Flash ?

This is a point I wanted to experiment with the project. Using P2P communication is very interesting, but it isn't widely supported so you still have to think about integrating fallback for those that don't support it. Technically speaking it isn't hard to implements, but if you don't integrate it from the start, it can be very hard to do. The fallback that I implemented for LiveTool is very simple, if you don't support RTMFP or if you want to send data to someone that doesn't support RTMFP, the server is used as a repeater.

Will LiveTool have more updates ?

For now, I'm leaving the LiveTool project as it is now, since I got to the point where I did the experiment that I wanted to do with it.

What about ... ?

If you have question about the project, you can leave a comment and I will try to respond to you or do a blog post about it.

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